The Goals


What are The Global Goals?

The Global Goals, otherwise known as ‘Global Goals’ or ‘SDGs’:

  • evolved from the 8 Millennium Development Goals (2000)
  • were set by the United Nations General Assembly and adopted by all UN Member States (2015)
  • highlight the challenges faced by our peoples, our communities and our planet, now and into the future
  • provide a common framework for all parts of society to work within to achieve a world of peace and prosperity
  • are designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all through sustainable social, economic and environmental practices
  • are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals. These are defined in a list of 269 Targets. Progress towards these Targets is tracked by 232 unique Indicators

What’s your role in The Global Goals space?

The Global Goals offer a long-term purpose, with benefits for a range of stakeholders.

There are many opportunities for you to engage in meaningful conversations and take appropriate actions:

  • develop and design program & services that focus on contributing to the goals
  • raise the awareness of The Global Goals amongst your partners and stakeholders
  • build and strengthen ‘business’ partnerships
  • advocate for sustainable social, economic and environmental changes

How can you drive The Global Goals?

Start by taking a strategically aligned ‘business’ approach to The Global Goals:

  • align your core ‘business activities’ with at least one Goal, Target or Indicator
  • take action to prioritise your core ‘business activities’ that contribute to the identified Goal
  • create awareness and embed The Global Goals thinking within your core ‘business activities’

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