I am a strong advocate for achieving outcomes and feel a great sense of accomplishment when working with organisations that provide programs and services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our communities. I know that my work with these organisations helps to keep families and children safe; improves the health & wellbeing of communities; and enhances the lives of the people being serviced by my clients.

Little miss inquisitive

As a child I was often called Little Miss Inquisitive!  My insatiable hunger for knowledge took me on some amazing journeys, to far away places through books.  Being drawn to the mystery genre, I spent most of my childhood and teenage years with my head buried in Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie novels.  I was intrigued by the suspense and their relentless search to solve a mystery.

Why do I exist?

I think it was when I was 11, I started asking the adults around me ‘ Why do people exist?  Why do I exist?’ Not quite understanding then what these questions really meant I remember feeling that life was one big mystery.  In my late teens, I often thought about what my purpose in life was and why I came into the world when I did.

What's my purpose in life?

With a few years of savings in my back pocket, I started travelling the world in search of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  A near death experience at age 22 changed my outlook of life. This was the start of a decade long journey of soul searching – looking for clues on the meaning of life and what my purpose was in the schema of my universe. 

My lightbulb moment!

After travelling the world and living and working in Singapore for several years, I set myself up in Melbourne and got a position as Project Manager (Outcomes) at a metropolitan-based nonprofit. Whilst in this role - things started making sense - FINALLY!!  You know how people say, their lives flashed before them - well it did for me in my first week in the role. I know this wasn’t a live threatening situation but I can’t describe the feeling in any other way. It became clear that I had been on a fact-finding journey and at every stage in my journey, I had learnt something new which was beginning to all come together. I was ready to start a new chapter in my life as an outcomes, measurement and results based accountability specialist.

Next chapter

After 3 years of training and supporting some120 staff members - working in an array of service areas, including homelessness, disability, crisis support, youth, aged care, justice, etc - to embed outcomes measurement concepts and winning the Victorian Sector Award for implementing Results-Based AccountabilityTM within the organisation, I was ready to start a new chapter in my life and in 2009, I started Elaine Hendrick Consulting.

My Vision

The time was right! I was finally walking the talk – I too was embracing change. Now there was clarity in my vision - contributing toward societal change and supporting the global vision of a ‘Sustainable Future for All’ through my work.

My Mission

My mission is to empower organisations to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. I am the catalyst that these organisations need to be the change they want to see – I was finally doing what I was meant to be doing. Finally, I had found my purpose in life!

My Values

~ Making a difference ~
~ Embracing diversity and different perspectives ~
~ Delivering my very best in all I do, holding myself accountable for results ~
~ Connecting with dignity and respect ~
~ Communicating with honesty and transparency ~

My Brand

When creating my brand, I was immediately drawn to the mystique of abstract art.  I love how it uses shapes, colours and simple strokes of the brush to communicate and evoke a sense of mystery and curiosity – a depiction of exploration and endless possibilities.

The autumn colours symbolise a time of wondrous change – a space I thrive in and bring to all your projects on our journery together.

~ Burnt yellows symbolise the clarity and positivity that I bring to your projects. ~
~ Orange colours of fire and flame symbolise the strength, vitality and friendliness that I bring to everything I do. ~
~ Burnt red symbolises the passion and excitement that I feel when working with organisations that want to embrace change. ~
~ Burnt orange symbolizes the endurance and strength that we share when we collaborate. ~
~ Reddish browns symbolise the resilience and reliability of being grounded when we work together to make your success stories come to life. ~

My Success Story

Over many years, I have worked with some 1100 amazing and like-minded people. 89% of them are still implementing Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation concepts within their work areas. 70% from nonprofits and 30% from government agencies. 75% of the organisations I worked with have implemented Outcomes Measurement and Evaluation concepts at program, plan, strategy and policy levels. 40% are repeat clients and 70% of the work I have received has been recommendations by word-of-mouth.

There has been an increased impetus and traction to recognise the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals – launched in 2015 – as the impact goal posts for our communities and our planet. Over the years, I have been tracking my contribution to Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 4, 8, 11 and 16. 

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