Statement of Reconciliation

To all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their families and communities:

~ I acknowledge and uphold your right to self-determination
~ I recognise your leadership and your wealth of knowledge
~ I commit to working in solidarity with you in ways that you choose and determine
~ I honour your visions and I join with you in your hopes for your future and for our lives together

Elaine Hendrick Consulting commits to:

~ Acknowledgement of Country at the start of every facilitation and training session, with an explanation of the background to Acknowledgement of Country where appropriate, to help improve general understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, languages, traditions and cultures.
~ Seeking opportunities to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses as partners, sub-contractors and suppliers of goods and services.
~ Using culturally appropriate language, methods and trauma-informed practice during program evaluation, facilitation and training.


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